A car for the head

The requirements are fairly simple, and luckily Isabel wants an automatic too, which is easy to find on saloons, especially luxury or executive models. Their size and running costs tends to mean they depreciate fast and become more affordable. I would be inclined to think a bit differently, however. Hondas are very reliable, but an interesting twist would be to find the petrol/electric hybrid Civic model, a 1.3 IMA. The combination of an efficient petrol engine and a battery pack means that the fuel economy is an average mpg of over 60. We found a 2010 example with 85,000 miles for £5,250.

A car for the heart

If the Honda isn’t special enough for Isabel, (it looks a bit dull) then a small executive saloon should work for her. Instead of going for the obvious Mercedes, BMW or Audi, the sensible choice would be a Lexus. These are very reliable vehicles which are well equipped. Although there are larger models, the compact IS250 SE is a handy size and we found a 2009 with a full service history to account for its 91,000 miles for a reasonable £5,000. It was a dealer car, which meant there is a decent warranty and full MOT.

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