The infamous celeb Dan Bilzerian, also known as the King of Instagram has been showing off on Instagram with his holiday in New Zealand.
Dan Bilzerian besides his popularity as a Poker Pro is also popular because of his Instagram posts that show him surrounded by gorgeous women or him hunting or simply playing with the many rifles he owns.
This time the followers get the opportunity to take a peek inside Bilzerian’s expencive holiday in New Zealand.
On Wednesday the Instagram King shared a photo of his breakfast with stunning beach view and dinner in Oneora on Waiheke Island. Bilzerian left the North Island and continued exploring the South Island of the country.
Now, it’s obvious, thanks to the many Instagram photos that were published on Wednesday and Thursday, that the Instagram celeb took his adventures on the South Island.
On Thursday morning he showed his fans that he also took some time for luging.
The Instagram celeb decided to take a break after the spreading of accusations for his behavior during the Las Vegas shooting where he ran away without considering helping the others.
The Snapchat footage, that Bilzerian made and posted, shows how he asks a police officer for a weapon to fight off the attacker and after not getting one he ran away.
This behavior of the Instagram celeb was severely criticized by the veteran soldier who served in Afganistan.
“That’s why the younger generations shouldn’t choose their role models according to the number of followers or photos” – so he claims.
“(Bilzerian) this is what I can’t understand about the people like you. Playing the tough guy and showing his strength while the cameras are on”
“Running away while a woman is injured is not much of an example of strength. Please stop trying to be someone you’re obviously not”
“While people are hurt and dying, you shouldn’t post videos and pretend that it’s worth it – it’s something to be ashamed of”.


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