Bally Singh is known as India’s party man or India’s most interesting man who always organizes famous and wild parties for celebrities. While the nightlife and the partying is a commodity for many of us, for the multi-millionaire Bally this is just a normal day at work. The excitement of planning and hosting a famous party is part of the daily work of Bally Singh – and he’s great at doing it.

Bally Singh has a gorgeous luxurious life filled with beautiful women, expensive cars and a lot of traveling, of course with private yachts and jets. However, the multi-millionaire admits that he also had struggles before entering this kind of life. The most difficult part for him was entering the corporate world – this was his hardest fight, admitted India’s most interesting man.
However, after he opened his own business and made it into the famous business world everything seemed easier and different. The celebrities admire his way of organization and his expensive taste and they all seem to ask Bally to organize their fabulous parties. So how does a party organized by India’s multi-millionaire Bally Singh look like?
First and the most important is the location – Bally likes organizing beach parties. That’s the way he started his business in Marbella, Spain where the party life is booming. Every party must-haves are the gorgeous supermodels, the fancy cars, the expensive jewelry and last, but not least, the world’s most exquisite champagnes. One bottle of these exquisite champagnes can reach a price up to 20,000 dollar – something that Bally Singh with his fortune can easily afford.
The attractive and nice photos from the parties are also part of them – usually, they show the luxury and the atmosphere of the lavish parties, where the gorgeous women and the expensive drinks can always be spotted.

Having the opportunity to look at these photos and compare them with the daily life of the normal people makes everybody wanting the same luxurious life of Bally Singh. The multi-millionaire however, proudly shows his life and gives an insight into his wonderful parties.

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