Infidelity in relationships and marriage is a very common affair nowadays. Society almost accepted this as a very common incident and nobody gets surprised after hearing those stories. Though those are merely stories to the people who never face it, infidelity is a serious matter to the people who suffered. Luckily I have never experienced such sorrowful moments but I have seen my own friend getting hurt because of infidelity.

My friend was in a relationship for almost five years and her partner was very dedicated to her. They were very happy together but it didn’t last long. She believed him but still felt uneasy and shared her thoughts with me. She usually didn’t complain about her relationship but at some point, she started comparing his behavior because it dramatically changed so fast that she was confused. She never wanted to be like the controlling girlfriends who want full control over their partners. She believed him. After she realized there were some changes in her relationships she became more careful with her actions and tried to observe her partner. She noticed several things like- he didn’t text her like he used to, he seemed indifferent to her conversation, he stopped giving her the surprises which were very common for them before. It got intense time by time. He ignored her calls and hardly replied to her messages or met her, his phone was busy most of the time and when she asked him what was going on, he made up obvious lies.

Judging those incidents what she finally found out was this partner was cheating on her and that broke her. She was so hurt that she stopped trusting people. It would have been like any other stories I hear now and then if I didn’t see how much she suffered.

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